Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not your traditional images of Tuscany

This morning we woke to a carpet of white across the landscape.  Our children were so excited, they have been waiting all season for snow.  They were so upset when they missed the snow in Victoria a few weeks back.  It was quickly declared a Snow Day and the the children began to get dressed to head outside.  Finn and Pippa had actually laid out their snow gear a 5 days ago when they heard there was going to be snow.

I made a Snow Day to do List.

1. Update my blog
2. Knit a toque for Mark
3. Nap

Then, the power went out.  So, I decided to skip to number 3.

After a lovely nap, I headed out in the snow with the dog, for a walk, some attempts at tobogganing with a garbage bag and finished the whole excursion with making a snow angel.

 Here are some pictures from our day.

The View from my Snow Angel

My Snow Angel 

Olive Trees heavy with snow.

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