Thursday, February 23, 2012

Creature of Habit! (easiest blog post ever)

I just looked back to my old blog and this is exactly what am I feeling today.  I am not sure why this almost surprises me each year, but it kind of does.  The only difference this year is that I will not be out in my shed soon, but I will be somewhere else creating that I know, and also, no cherry blossoms, I will miss this, but am excited by the blossoming of a new kind.  Knowing this is so helpful.  This too I know shall pass.

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  1. Oh cherry blossom, it will pass. And that shed was cold. And it's pissing, pissing rain here today. No blossoms out yet, it's too cold and wet. You are lovely and bold, and amazing. Not everyday must be perfect. I know you know this, but I'm your friendly reminder today. You are all having an incredible experience, which weill last as long as you need/want it to, and it's still February. Never evaluate your life in February, remember? February is all about just trying not to stay in bed all day.

    I really want to go back to bed today. I won't if you won't my dear. We ARE blossoming aren't we? I'll keep that in mind today, keep you in mind today.