Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For the Love of Bagels

Being in Italy there is no shortage of really good bread.  Myself and the children have been joyfully trying many different varieties.  We have also begun to try our hand at baking some breads.  One delicious member of the bread family we have been missing is bagels.  Nice chewy bagels.  Mount Royal bagels to be exact.  So the other day Mieran asked if we could bake our own.  I figured why not.  We searched online and found this great recipe.

Today we gave it a go.

Here are the formed bagels, ready to be boiled.

Boiling the Bagels.

The finished product is the picture at the top, they didn't last long.  I think we will have to double the recipe next time, and definitely get our selves some smoked salmon!

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