Saturday, November 5, 2011

When in Rome...

...Or at least take a Sicilian with you. Or any Italian would likely do. But I now have a lovely Sicilian friend, so I took her. Where you ask, grocery shopping of course. And a Sicilian erborista, even better.

I went grocery shopping this morning with my downstairs neighbour. We muddle through conversations half in Italian, half in English. Her English is much better than my Italian, I must admit. But it is so much easier to navigate your way around with someone who speaks the language. I then asked her about more natural products than what is found in the regular supermercatos and I knew of the name of a chain of natural grocers called NaturaSi, and I asked if there was one in Arezzo and she said no, but something like it and she took me there. It was great. There were lots of natural products. Lots of selection. Peanut butter with out hydrogenated oils and sugar. Almond butter. Rice vinegar, ginger, and the list goes on.

Still a few things left on my 'please to bring to Italy', but at least I now know where to go to get miso!

I have learned a number of things the hard way. The internet on mobile phone continued to ding me, until I signed onto a plan. Tada!!! And, I now know not to buy books in English, they are ridiculously expensive and ships here, and it is free if you order enough. Don't try to top up your mobile online with a foreign credit card, it is futile, and it will likely take a couple hours to figure that out.

Don't bring West Coast vegetarian cook books to a mediterranean country. Many of the ingredients will be challenging if not impossible to find. Not to mention the food here is so amazing, you might was well do as they do, and eat local.

I found avocados today. Another ahha moment for me in the produce department. I also found frozen berries. I am continuing to buy many varieties of cheese and will start noting the ones we really love. So I know what to look for when I return to the store. In the meantime, we are really enjoying all the various cheeses.

I posted the Madonna photo at the top because I really like it. There are many Madonna's and I am contemplating doing a whole series of them, as well as a laundry series, I just love seeing all the laundry hanging out the windows etc.

I must run, there is much pane e formaggio to be eaten.

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