Monday, November 14, 2011

The Roadside Madonnas

Sounds like a good band name.

You may have noticed in my last post, I posted a picture of beautiful Madonna. You often see these Madonna shrines along the roadsides as well as in alcoves on the side of homes and buildings. They are beautiful and diverse. I have begun taking pictures of some of the ones we see.

The word Madonna is an old Italian word that translates to 'my lady' it was used to describe a noble or important woman and historically has been used in reference to the Virgin Mary.
These shrines are meant to give spiritual relief to passersby, as well as to protect the inhabitants and their belongings. They are often placed beside fields as a way of blessing the land and praying for it to be very fertile.

I will post some of the ones we have seen. Some are simple, some painted, some more ornate, some with fresh flowers, some with plastic. They are really very beautiful. I will continue to add to the this post, as I add more photos.
On the road to Monte San Savino

A beautiful Maiolica Style Madonna near our house.


  1. Oh I LOVE the roadside Madonnas series, what a great idea. Was at a gathering of the gang this weekend, and they asked about you and send their love. A month in, are things going well, are you finding a rhythm? There are so many chats we haven't had this season; children and reading, upcoming celebrations, the ebb and flow of our days, the highs and lows. As long as any lows you have are balanced by highs I know you're alright. What are you knitting for the holidays, if anything? I have ditched making felted bowls (as gifts) and switched to making terrariums. Don't worry, I'm not mailing you a plant. But DO send me your snail-mail address. I'm all about keeping snails employed. :)


  2. I love how different they all are. Beautiful photos, Mary.