Friday, November 18, 2011

Ho bisogno di imparare a parlare italiano

I need to learn to speak Italian.

I was warned that it can be challenging to learn to speak Italian when we are not working and our children are not in school, so we are not forced into learning and we rely on English for our day to day communication.

So I have taken some advice of seasoned expats on how to learn to speak the language. First, go to the bar (the place for coffee) each morning. Listen to the people, speak as much as you can, read the papers and watch Italian TV. It was even suggested that we watch Italian soap operas, as they are easy to follow and the language is simple.

So, after many years of no TV, we went out and bought one. Okay, partly for the language, but partly because we do like to watch movies, and it is not fun on a small laptop. So in the mornings I have been turning on Italian cartoons for our children.

I have started frequenting the 'bar' (the place for coffee). I look through the Italian papers and trash mags that are there. I am figuring out more words each day. On my way home today, I stopped in the giornale shop and picked up some Italian mags. I figured a good way would be to look at magazines I like to keep me interested and I can work on translating what is written. I got a bit over ambitious and picked up a beautiful knitting magazine. I'll have to see how I make out with that.

For now I will do some Rosetta Stone and I will hold off on the soap operas. Baby Steps.

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