Saturday, July 28, 2012

So many places, so little time....

I feel I have been quite terrible at keeping up on my blog.  Some posts I start and they either never get published or I keep having to change the beginning sentence from 'the other day', to 'the other week', to 'last month' and so on.  So, I think it best if I write a little about each place and then just stick in some photos and hopefully I will have greater success.  So here we go.

Last month we decided to go to the beach, something we had been trying to do for a couple of months ever since there was a warm spell in the early spring.  We had planned originally on going to the Giostra in Arezzo and were working on tickets, when good friends called and asked if we wanted to go to the beach.  I decided to check with Molly as it was her birthday that weekend.  She said beach and the more I thought about, the giostra would be hot and crowded, two things Molly does not like.  So, beach it was.  We booked a 'mobile home easy' at a place called Puntala Camping, our friends had been there numerous times and it was a great way to stay at the beach.

We arrived late at night, with everyone a little tired and cranky.  The mobile home was a little tiny but very clean.  We quickly made up the beds to get everyone to sleep and I slipped out the door to join friends at a nearby restaurant.  Mark stayed with the children, knowing I would be more useful helping our friends finish a bottle of wine.  He was right.

Breakfast alfresco.  Before the beach.

The next morning we got up, had a coffee and some breakfast.  Mark made pancakes as it was Molly's birthday and then we all headed to the beach.  It was a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear water, waves that were fun for the children but not big enough to keep the parents on edge. We had a lovely blue umbrella to park ourselves under and we spent the best part of the two days we were there, on that beach.

The camping place was pretty well equipped with two restaurants, a bar, a grocery store, a clothing shop, a newsagent, and many activities.  One activity that Mieran and Finn decided to try was an adventure climbing park.  All in all it was a great weekend, with friends, beautiful weather, a beach and the sea.

The whole group having lunch at one of the restaurants, 9 children and 6 adults, at a separate table.

Finn high in the trees tests out his balancing skills.

Mieran about to zip through the trees.

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  1. Oh my gosh, THAT is how we should all visit the beach, with clean camping spots, cool activities nearby. Those Europeans man, they've got it all going on! :) Happy belated birthday to Molly. Don't feel bad about not blogging enough. Everyone's in the same boat love. I love hearing from you whenever I do, and know that in the silences you're hopefully sipping good coffee (or wine) and soaking up the experience of life in Italy. Time well spent babe.