Monday, September 19, 2011

The going Away Party

Last week we had a going away party. Yes, amidst our packing mayhem, we invited in our friends to visit and say Arrivederci! It was a lovely day, a beautiful day in fact, for more than just the stunning weather. The weather I have been waiting for all year. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by the added warmth of a fantastic community of neighbours and friends.

I have always said that our move to Victoria was the most seamless move we have ever made. We met people at the open house to buying our house that became some of our closest friends. We had old friends from Vancouver who lived here and even an old friend from high school who was planning a move to Victoria at the same time as us. We instantly loved our house and our neighbourhood. And our four years have been truly fantastic. It has been an amazing chapter on our journey.

So why are we leaving?

I guess in some sense we are adventurers. We are wanderers, explorers, life learners.

I cried last week when I hugged my friends, the ones I was leaving for the first time. I couldn't believe I was leaving this chapter of my life behind. They gave me a necklace with a bird in flight. The tag on the necklace said fearless. I am not sure I am fearless, I try to be, but I guess I try more to be open. Open to what the world can offer me. Open to the adventures and the learning that lie ahead. Knowing that this sometimes means a sad goodbye.

Saying goodbye is the saddest part of this journey, even my children say their friends are what they will miss the most. But as I hugged my friend from high school and my old friend from Vancouver, there were no tears, we have made this hug countless times over the past 30 years. Not just when I moved, but when they moved also. And I know this is not goodbye, I know that they will reappear in other chapters of my life.

How long we will be away, who knows, I guess in someway the openendedness of this trip, makes the parting that much more emotional. So I will not say goodbye, but I will say arrivederci which is basically the Italian equivalent of 'see you later'.


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